Our Culture

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Our Culture

We define “culture” as knowing what to do when you come to work without having to read a policy handbook or be instructed what to do.

Culture is the mindset we bring to work every day— the arrangement of customer centric actions and thinking. It’s the habit of holding high standards and expecting nothing less. It’s a thousand behaviors inherited from team members who came before us, behaviors that we model today and then pass on as our legacy for team members who come after us. It’s behaviors and attitudes that are core to who we are: respecting differences, honoring deadlines, listening to each other, keeping promises, returning phone calls and emails as promptly as we can, being on time for meetings.

We’re a circle, not a hierarchy. At the center of the circle—our customers. Alongside them—our team members. Farther out in the circle are our leaders. At the outside of the circle are senior leaders. All of us partner together to do the best job we can for our customers. We work hard to provide our team members with the tools they need to “serve” our customers, what type of demands they might have and deadlines they need to meet.

In short we want to provide more than just a service but a complete solution to customers of all sizes and industries.