Our Values

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Our Values

Our values are the driving force of our operation. If our day to day business actions are not in line with our core values then we must be honest and go back to the drawing board.

Our entire staff should know and feel the heart of our values from the top management down. We are real people not robots. We live beyond the paper and pen and go by our experiences. Therefore, it is essential that our values seep into the culture of our firm beyond memory.

These primary values keep the doors of our business open:

  • Building a great team – We strive to invite, cultivate, maintain and inspire the most talented people we can find, people who care and love what they do. We provide the tools necessary to help them succeed in their career. We show appreciation for their gifts and outstanding performance. Although we are always seeking to be on the cutting edge of technology we realize it doesn’t fulfill the promise behind a brand, inspired people do. We believe we have the best connections in the business and we attribute that to our core values of putting people first. When people are placed in the right positions, spending time on the right things, leading well, feeling good about their contributions, fully exhausting their talents, learning new ones and having fun, they’ll do what’s right for the customer. When they’re properly reinforced, compensated, encouraged and recognized, they’re even more satisfied with their jobs, providing a better service for our customers.
  • Integrity – The decisions we make beyond the motive of personal gain define our integrity. We serve our customers with honesty, dependability, and flexibility regardless of the size of the reward. Busy Firm provides the resources necessary to effectively serve each and every customer without compromising the integrity of our firm.
  • Custom solutions – We will always do what is beneficial for the customer. Let’s face it; the service business is a very demanding business with all walks of life. Each client has their own fingerprint. There is no “one size fits all” as the requirements, specs, and size of each individual organization will most always be different. We have established a reputation as a flexible company. We will always adjust to the demands and needs of our customers.
  • Leadership – Bosses go bankrupt, Leaders run fortune 1000 companies. When a customer is waiting for an answer, we have to be able to respond fast, on the spot. That’s a competitive advantage. Leaders don’t wait for an answer from headquarters. They don’t rely solely on policy manuals at that “moment of truth” when they have to come through for the customer. Leaders consider themselves equal partners in a team effort to achieve our vision. When the team needs help, leaders pitch in just like everyone else. They’re involved. They’re hands on and available. They take personal ownership for a customer’s problem and don’t let go until that problem is solved. No one tells them to do it. They just do it. They don’t rely on authority or force of personality. They believe in the inherent knowledge and talent of every team member. They believe our people have the answer to every problem and every opportunity. They empower their people to develop ideas, test them, quantify the results and then share the good ones with our other businesses and functions throughout the company.